Top Sights in Lyon

The residents of Lyon are so proud of their city that they have no complexes about Paris. Situated at the confluence of two large rivers, Saone and Rhone, Lyon is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region and the third largest city in France. Usually, it is associated with silk, puppets and exquisite cuisine. Men probably associate the famous football club Olympique. Regardless of the interest, however, the city enchants with its diversity, thecombination of old and modern. It is a city created for both traditionalists and for those who pursue the fashion.

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Weekend in Marseille

Marseille is an old city, with plenty of things to do that will keep visitors entertained for many days. Marseille is a never dull city boasting a glorious coastal location, spectacular weather, exquisite food, and vibrant multicultural population. Tourist-friendly attractions, countless cultural centers, fabulous restaurants and stunning views all make France’s second largest city a highly appealing destination.

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